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June: Let's Find Out All About the Moon

Great Resources to Share with Your Students

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Moon Phases Demonstration

NASA LCROSS: About the Moon

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History:Going to the Moon: Science Fiction v. Science History


Use our Parent Reports

You probably use the DORA Summary Report all the time, but how about the Parent Report that is available in Spanish and English?

  • Just go to the DORA tab and find the Detailed Reports column.
  • Select the Parent Report and choose either the English or Spanish version.
  • Look through the report to find your child's reading profile. There's even an Appendix in back that gives you ideas for activities that will help your child progress.

Remember how to check how your child is doing in Edge? 

You've got a lot on your mind, so don't worry if you've forgotten how to see how your children are doing on the Edge lessons.

  • Go to the Edge tab for the course your child is enrolled in.
  • Go to the Student Log column.
  • Click Edit/View and you can see the lessons your child is enrolled in, information on times and minutes played, and last score.
  • Now go to the View Reports column.
  • Click View and see the Summary Progress Report and graph of your child’s current progress.

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